Sunday, 11 September 2011

my little black dress technique, by Joanne Wardle

Anyone who has visited my blog will know that my little black dress technique is pencil colouring on kraft card and using my home made stamp positioner to combine stamps to make one layer cards.

I've used these techniques with some of my new favourite stamps from Jo's new collection from Stampotique.
Stella and dragonfly are both fantastic stamps to use individually, but combined I think they create something quite magical.
To achieve this effect, stamp Stella first, then create a stella mask from a post-it note, use a stamp positioner to make sure that the dragonfly is in the correct place and stamp the dragonfly.
colour with pencils, and add the quote also from Jo's collection.


  1. Wow! Beautiful composition and a fab idea. Absolutely love this, Joanne x

  2. Gorgeous card and thank you for the technique.


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