Thursday, 26 January 2012

A "nod" to the 1930's by Ruth

It's been a busy week for me this week..suitcases to pack, vintage shops to scour for accessories and ........three hats to make for our costumes.

I am off to a 1920's/1930's weekend of fashion parades, car displays, bathing belles and picnics on the beach. All set in the glorious blue sunshine of an Art Deco town in New Zealand.

My day dress or tea dress as they called them in the 1940's needed a hat. I found this one on my travels, it was very 1980's so I bent the brim down to make it like a cloche hat and added a selection of trims and lace and ribbon.

My next project was to alter a hair slide to wear with my flapper dress.

I used gold embroidered flower lace as the base and added a feather and some very old vintage buttons you could use some of the lovely Parisian Anthology Brooch brads for a colourful effect.

Don't fancy making a full sized milinery creation?
 Then why not have a go at the miniature collection of alterable hats  found on the left hand side of the shop products list under "milinery".

Bon Voyage
Ruth xxx


  1. wow you are going to look stunning in this fabulous hat. Have a great time, x

  2. Wow what a beautiful hat and slide, you have certainly captured the spirit of the 30s. Think we need to see photos of your full outfit please! Have a lovely weekend. XX

  3. Have a fab time wearing that wonderful hat Ruth! x

  4. Ooh, how gorgeous! Can we see the dress as well please? Have a great time,

    Lucy x


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