Tuesday 17 May 2011

HappyStampers at Port Sunlight

We had a fabulous day on Saturday at the Happy Stampers North West Stamp Festival in Port Sunlight. The show has 33 stands of stamping or stamp related exhibitors and 1600 visitors, phew. It was our first ever show so were a little apprehensive but all went well, and despite the broken rib!. We arrived on Friday to set up, me, hubby Richard, lovely sister Clare and the fabulous Jo Capper-Sandon. We took ages and were still nowhere near finished by the time we had to leave at 6pm. You could see how much more efficient were the exhibitors who do shows all the time and were all done while we looked like a bomb had gone off on our stand. Jo, Clare and I were back at 8 on Saturday morning and were joined by Joanne Wardle, Julie Dandy and Karen Cass and Michele Readitt. It was Karen Cass who talked me into applying to go on the waiting list to have a stand at the show, took almost a year but due to a cancellation we made it!


Jo and Joanne demoed all day making and giving away over 60 cards and tags, a herculean effort.

Joanne Wardle

One of the best things of the day was meeting up with old friends, customers and bloggers who I only knew by name. Of course in the rush I forgot to take many pics but I got to say hello Flutterby Crafter aka Ann, Jo aka Peach
Tree, Judith, Dawn from Huddersfield and her mom, Carina all the way from Holland and quite a few people from UK Stampers including Sid aka
Harpie, Lorraine, Linda and Annepat and apologies for anyone I've missed off!

We are on the standby list for a cancellation again and hope to be at the next show in October or next year in May.

Julie Dandy in her Alice in Wonderland Hat

Karen Cass and Michele Readit check the stand looks OK before the customers arrive

Moira sporting a broken rib and bird nest hat! (pic courtesy of Sid aka Harpie)

Clare manning (or is that womaning?) the till


  1. I had a fantastic time Moira :D
    Lovely to meet everyone and so much to see :D

    Julie xx

  2. So pleased you had a great success, you so deserve it. Hopefully you will have a stand at Leamington Spa this year as would love to meet you all. Annette x

  3. A great review of the events. What a photo of me! I look like my Grandma! lol
    Was wonderful meeting up with the team and everyone that visited the stand. I must get my post done today too.

  4. It was lovely to meet you all, and great to look around the stand. I hope we all make it back next time! Judith xx

  5. Great to see everyone as I couldn't make such a long journey myself. Always good to put faces to names! It looks like a brilliant show. Elaine

  6. So pleased you were there, how else would I have got my hands on Stampotique stamps?(and others!!) Demonstrations were fabulous!
    Hope you can go again!

  7. The stand looks great, so glad you had a great time and it all went well. x

  8. So glad it was a great success for you Moira (knew it would be though). I've had a first hand account from Jo and Judith too and am green that I couldn't be there. I have my fingers crossed you're at the next one and that I can be there too.

    Lesley Xx

  9. it was such a fun day! what an experience, and it was brilliant to meet up with so many online friends!!

  10. Lovely to meet you all, your stand was fab !! A lot of hard work !


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