Sunday 18 December 2011

Another Configurations Box by Moira Sutton

This is the other box, made from the lid and half the inner boxes left from the other project. The lid has a clear centre which, if you wanted to use it as a back you could cover with paper or as in this case integrate into the box. I coloured it with alcohol inks as I wanted light to come through from behind where there were gaps between the inner boxes. I was really impressed with how well the box stood up to being painted with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints in yellow and green, Cosmic Shimmer mists in and purple violet and a heat gun - no buckling or softening, the board was a rigid as when dry, which is just as well as I did give it a bit of a hammering with the colour!

The theme of the box is Fortune Telling, so the little bits and pieces relate in some way to things used historically in fortune telling or divination. I like that it looks like the shelves of a collector where things are left over time. And there is even space to add more bits and pieces, I'm after white or cream dice and a cup to go with the teapot.

The bottle was a holiday memento from Menorca, you know one of those "local liquors" you buy because you think it will be fun even though it is bright green and has twigs in it. Then one night, years later, your husband says "I fancy a drink what have we got?" and that's all there is so he opens it in hope and after one sip its down the sink! Still it meant I got a nice bottle to play with.


  1. Ooohhhh, I like this, just my type of things. C x

  2. Your bottle story made me laugh........
    Love how you've constructed this especially the use of alcohol inks. Annette x

  3. Great box! I adore your theme...and you have put it to use in such clever ways!


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