Friday 2 November 2012

October Challenge Winner

Well the winner was chosen in a slightly different way today. I could not the Random number thing to load, so I put 14 bits of cat biscuit on the floor in a line and then let the cat into the room. The first one he went to to eat was the 6th in line so the winner is NO6 Kate 
So Kate, if you drop Moira at the shop an email she will arrange your gift voucher for you.

This is a picture of the kitty machine, having a little snooze after his hard work.Hopefully normal service will be resumed for next month when the winner is chosen.


  1. Well done to Kate! Bet you will enjoy your prize,

    Lucy x

  2. Congratulations to Kate! Chosen by a cat - love it... who needs random generators?!
    Alison x

  3. What a fab way to choose a winner!!

    Well done Kate


  4. What a great way to choose the winner - it was obviously a very hard task judging by the effect it has had on your pussy cat.

  5. Love it!And what a gorgeous cat he is too!


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