Saturday, 5 March 2011

With a little altering in mind

We took delivery of lot of smashing stuff to alter this week, wood items including jewellery boxes, arches, glass topped boxes etc and key cabinets like this one that Louise Crosbie has altered using Paperbag Studio stamps. Also papier mache items including mini vintage suitcases, vanity cases and Torsos. Plus we have textured tiles and clasp handbags. How much fun could you have!

Inka Gold paint now comes in 50ml pots making them so much more affordable .Inka Gold paint is a super thick wax which can be polished and gives and intense pearlescent sheen to clay, a deep pearl lustre to wood, adds rich permanent colour to metal well it pretty well works any surface porous or non porous. It's a bit too thick for brushes so it's best applied with sponge, "Cut ‘n Dry Foam" or even fingers!

Plus we have
Croco Crackling Colour, a crackle paint that produces a deeply crackled and almost reptilian finish. It can be used on almost any surface though glass and plastic should be treated with a transparent primer first.


  1. Lovely :D and the new products are amazing!!!

  2. Lovely, lovely colours!

  3. Beautiful jewellery box. Annette

  4. the new products are fab .. im really happy to see them there in the shop as im not so great with paper and card. the key cabinets are very cute and easy to alter ... love the boxes and arch shrines too.. looking forward to altering like mad.


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