Friday, 24 June 2011

Could it be magic? by Carol Fox

A bit Barry Manilow there I know lol. But the new Magic gloss resin that is in the shop surely is magic. I got a bottle last week and since then I have been busy trying it out on different surfaces and in different ways and in no way has it failed, add to that the fact that it sets in 10 minutes under a UV light and I am one Happy Bunny.
I have four items to share with you, all using the resin on a different surface to see how it behaves.
This small flip top shrine was stuck onto a piece of Gaffer tape and filled from one side in layers so the small watch cogs were "floated" in it. I then flipped it and filled the side that was originally stuck down on the tape adding a few more cogs in the final layer. It had dried crystal clear and looks lovely (It just was very hard to photograph as it is so shiny.

This is one of the small wooden boxes from the shop that I have altered using paint and rubber stamping. I wanted to see how the resin would dry when it was quite deep in a glass watch front. I set all the cogs in this in the one go so at the deepest point there is about 1cm of resin and it dried really well. Again ignore the nasty bit of camera glare on the lid.

Now this one was the real test. I have tried a few brands of resin and I have never found one that sets well over a stamped stazon image.

I stamped the image on the back of the optical lens using the StazOn. poured on the resin waited for it to smudge the image as it usually did but it was fine, so after a few minutes of doing the happy dance I flipped it and added a couple off cogs and a game spinner to the front, layered it in the resin and there it was in under 20 minutes it all set and made instead of the overnight wait that I usually have.

Lastly a basic pair of cuff links. I just wanted to see how easy it was to dome the resin well and to get a good finish on a basic item like this. I filled these in layers to get a good float affect with them and then I finally domed on a final layer to finish them off. Perfect and the thin layers dried in 5 minutes so these were really quick to make.
Also this resin in odour free and no mixing is involved so if you have ever fancied using resin but the smell or the mixing has put you off, look no further I think this is the perfect product.


  1. Sounds and LOOKS fabulous. Love the items you've put together.

  2. Sounds like an amazing product ! and the projects look fantastic :)

  3. Fabulous pieces Carol, great inspiration

  4. Oh wow your craftings are smashing. Loving the whole idea of this resin, but wonder how you manage to dry it successfully without a backing... Annette

  5. Hi Netty, Carol says - "For the keyring that has no backing. I used a piece of gaffer tape ( B & Q or similer store)I burnished this onto the metal frame really well with a bone folder. I then cut it our leaving a border around it of about 1 inch. The first layer of resin I put in was very thin just to cover the backing, popped it under the UV to set ( I gave it 10 minutes to be sure it was really well set) Then peel off the backing (it will have a pattern on it from the gaffer tape, but this will dissappear when you coat this side in the resin. Then layer the recess using what ever you want to enclose inside the resin. Any questions email me Netty at and I will help all I can"

  6. These pieces are truly stunning - I just love the floating effect - they look so elegant - and classy.

  7. Gorgeous pieces!I particularly like the cuff links.


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