Thursday, 14 July 2011

A quick fix with Websters Canvas Ribbon

I have been playing with my pack of Websters Pages Hollywood Vogue papers and decided to have a go at using up the Fabric Ribbon that they make to match each line.

I started with a pair of sandals that the bling has fallen off and glued a
strip of the canvas ribbon onto it.

I stitched it on with a sewing machine (I think I need a leather needle in future!!).

I made my lace ribbon flowers by threading fine wire through the edge of the lace and pulling it tight, it's quick and easy.

A hot gun to attach the flowers and new pair of sandals.

I have started on a matching bag too......yippee I have lots of canvas ribbon and lots of ideas. What do you like to make with it?


  1. I love your sandals! Gorgeous! I saw a tee shirt with 2 shabby chic flowers sewed on, and it was fantastic except for the price! I'd rather sew a couple on myself! Hugs,Tee

  2. Fabby idea - they look lovely!
    Helen S


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