Friday 13 January 2012

More Leonardo By Samantha Read

Totally inspired by Paula's fab Mona Lisa creation in Tuesday's post and the constant thinking of Leonardo Da Vinci, here's my design piece for today. It's keeping in with the challenge theme 'Something new for the New Year' because the Mona Lisa stamp is new!
The background Thistle Stamp always makes me think of Leonardos' Vitruvian Man, you know the one, you do! Mona Lisa was stamped on tissue paper and then pva'd to the little canvas which had been painted landscape green.
The thistle then reminded me of a halo and personally I think behind that demure smile Mona Lisa may not have been the angel we think . . . I then added some lace to give the piece a little more dimension and a cheeky flower for the lady! 
I'm also going to share a postcard I created for a swap using Mona Lisa again but also some other Lost Coast Stamps...
... 3 Birds, Border Bingo and Border Tape Measure. Also Long Splatter is there somewhere!  
Thanks for looking, wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


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