Saturday 10 March 2012

Note to Self by Samantha Read

I absolutely couldn't resist any longer! A chunky, wooden atc and one of my favourite colour combinations, pink and brown.
I started by painting the whole thing with ordinary emulsion paint left over from decorating, this seals and smooths the wood. I then cut and decorated the paper, adhered to the atc and added embellishments. The embellishments were vital to this project, without them it just looked really naked.
The memo pin went into the wood really easily, I just kept tuning and pressing into the wood with the pin, it would be good for holding photo's too.
Yet another new addiction!

I used:
Chunky Wood ATC (thank goodness these are now available, I had a go at cutting my own and it was tricky!)

Wishing you a happy day, Sam xxx


  1. Gorgeous, love the colour combo and stamping, such a great idea, thanks for the inspiration I have mine sitting on my desk looking very naked, the chunky ATC that is LOL. XX

  2. I have a naked one too - I'd never thought of decorating it sideways - I don't know why - in the long ago days of my ATC making I would do it all the time.

    Fabulous project - and useful too

  3. Fabulous chunky ATC Sam love the colour combo and your great your addicted too!!!!

    Maggie H

  4. Loving your fresh and colourful chunky. Have just ordered myself one.......woo hoo x

  5. Stunning Sam, love the colours you have used :D
    Julie xx


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