Thursday 20 September 2012

Domino Jewellery By Carol Fox

I wanted to try the Verday paint on some dominoes. I then sealed the images under a layer of resin. before I applied the Verday paint around their sides.

I aged some of the charms from the shop with the paint too, once the patina was dry I gave them a polish and this removed some of the patina gave them a lovely finish.
I added a small bale to the back for hanging.


  1. How beautiful. Carol always produces such wonderful crafty things and these are stunning. Hugs Rita xx

  2. Love these, so beautiful, must get some of these paints. xx

  3. ooh, I love these Carol!Lucy x

  4. I am totally hooked on the Verday paints - they really are addictive aren't they. These dominoes are stunning - love them

  5. A lovely effect with the paint on the charms
    Von ☺


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