Sunday 9 December 2012

Christmas Hearts for the Tree

Hi, am loving these little Metal Angels from Happy Daze, you get 3 in a pack............mmmm not enough so have ordered another

The Hearts are made from Air Drying Clay and were stamped while moist to give some texture.  Painted with white acrylic paint and Viva Inka Gold, then some gloss to protect them.   Added scraps of lace and some homemade silk flowers.

These little Hearts look lovely on our Christmas Tree as all the ornaments on the tree are of a Victorian style.  Hope you like them.  Take care of yourself, hugs Annette x


  1. These look so gorgeous Netty, I'm going off to try and find them in the shop. I wonder whether you could put a direct link in your posts? Thanks:o)

  2. These are amazing, Netty! You are all so clever and do such varied things! I hadn't spotted them in the shop so off to have a look now - will have to get some,

    Lucy x

  3. If you click Metal Angels above it will take you to the Happy Daze page where they are for sale. Sorry should have included the link. Annette x

  4. These are absolutely wonderful... I've just clicked the link into a new page - I expect they'll be sold out by now!!
    Alison x

  5. Such stylish tree decorations - I love the stamped lace effect.


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