Wednesday 13 July 2011

Captured Fairy Box by Carol fox

I had had this little fairy buzzing around my room for the last few nights causing havoc, knocking things over and being very naughty, I eventually managed to catch her, the first thing that came to hand was an old pocket watch front and as soon the fairy landed on this little box I managed to get the watch front over it. As with all fairies as soon as they are caught they freeze and become suspended in time until they are freed again. But I must admit I think she makes a lovely addition to the top of this box.
The box is one of the wooden ones from the shop. I first of all gave it a coat of modern masters copper paint which I treated with the green patina finish to age it.
All the watch parts are purposed from old pocket watches and clocks. The clock hands are two game spinners that I have cut down. The fairy charm,Dragonfly and numbered pin are all available from the shop.
Once everything was in place I gave it a light coat of resin to hold it all in place and give it a nice shine. I also painted the sides of the box with the resin as it makes it go a lovely colour.
Th When it was all dry I gave it a quick rub over with some Viva Decor Inka gold just to give it a bit more of an aged look.
The Feet are the Tim holtz Foundations box feet and Key Hole is one from the Tim Holtz Locket key Set

Please Note: That no faeries were hurt during the making of this box LOL

As This has a dangly key on it, it will also fit in with the current challenge this month of Dangly Things. Have a look HERE to see all the details of how to enter.


  1. Terrific makeover of the box and love your colour choices. But am afraid that poor little fairy must be released, its so not fair to freeze her in time. Anyways how can she grant your three wishes while she's like that...... Annette x

  2. Lol, that's what my daughter said Annette G x

  3. It's beautiful but poor fairy!

  4. It's beautiful and sometimes those fairies can be pesky so I'm afraid it's her own fault. I have one waiting to go onto a tooth fairie box but she keeps on evading capture!!

  5. Gorgeous, I NEED some watch bits! :D
    Helen S

  6. THis is really lovely ... the aged box is done very well, thought it was an old 'find' Love it ! :o) x


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