Thursday 21 June 2012

Beeswax and Bugs

This may be the shortest blog post ever but here is a little box I decorated using just a couple of stamps, Prismacolour pencils and some beeswax.
First I stamped the images on to white card and traced with ordinary tracing paper and transferred the images to the box. I then coloured using Prismacolour pencils and then covered with beeswax and distressed it by scratching into the beeswax, applying paint and then rubbing off and buffing up with a soft cloth.
and a Wooden Box
It smells divine too!
Apologies for the short post, I've damaged my back and at the moment I'm unable to sit or stand for any length of time, I do hope you like my little box.
Wishing you a happy day, Sam xxx


  1. How painful for you Samantha, back pain is so demanding. I just love your little box and the colours are beautiful. Hope you get better soon. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. A great altered box, great idea with the beeswax, and the border looks really nice. Hope you back is feeling better soon, back pain can just drag you right down. :( Carol x

  3. This is lovely! The SuziBlu stamp works so well on a box and I love the tracing paper idea. I am so sorry about your back - and I know crafting can sometimes make it worse - get well soon!

    Lucy x

  4. How beautiful! Love the scratches, too... the face is so interesting this way. Sorry about your back! Hope you're better soon.

  5. Love the box! Take care of your back and rest! Hope you feel better soon.


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