Saturday, 12 January 2013

Recyled Tag By Carol Fox

The theme for the current challenge is to use re-cycled items. Unusually for me I did not opt for an item but I went for a small pile of odds and sods that had been sitting in the corner of my desk for ages, sitting there just because they looked like they could be useful.

I had cut the tag ages ago from some packaging, ripped it in half to use one corrugated face for something and the other half had just sat there.....waiting. The text is the cut out section from an altered book that got missed when I put the rest away in a draw, so I stamped my image on this. A piece of scrap tissue wrap. some beaded ribbon from a cushion that got partly eaten by my washing machine. An organza flower made from a scrap of ribbon, dyed, went the wrong colour so was sent to live in the corner awaiting its moment to shine.

So here is my hodge podge of items assembled to become a tag along with some ink and paint to make it pretty.

Stamps I used

Queen Of Life
Quote from Miranda

Full details of this months challenge can been seen here.

Carol x


  1. This is great! Recyling takes many forms and using scraps left from other projects works so well. Some people apparently do their recyling by putting crates on the end of their drive on a particular day of the week and carts come and take them away but that is just weird!

    Lucy x

  2. Totally yummy tag - what is it about corrugated card that is just so fabulous?!
    Alison x


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