Saturday, 28 July 2012

Altered Domino Pendants by Moira Sutton

The Ice Resin that is now being stocked in the shop is the perfect medium for your jewellery making. It domes easily on your hand made jewellery pieces and gives a crystal clear non yellowing finish that not only gives your jewellery a professional finish, it also protects and seals it against knocks and chips.
Here are a few examples of Jewellery pieces made using Ice Resin.

There is still time to enter the challenge for this month. All the details including how to upload your pieces for the challenge can be seen here on the original post.


  1. These are really gorgeous Moira. xx

  2. OH MY GOODNESS - these are just so beautiful. I have been 'umming and ahhhing' for a long time now whether to buy some. It was that or the Verday metal paints and patina - which I did buy amongst other things. I am having so much fun with the paints and a couple of blogger forum friends have mentioned they've bought them too.

    How long I can resist the Ice Resin for - I do not know. Not long for sure as I am getting into jewellery - and with all those Christmas presents and swaps to make, I am sure that it won't be for long.

    Off out to finish off some Verday painted items for projects.

    Your domino necklaces are truly, truly gorgeous and I love the vintage themes. I've varnished mine in the past but you don't get the finish and longevity that Ice Resin gives do you

  3. These are stunningly beautiful and I would be proud to wear jewellery like this. I agree with Lottie - it's a toss up between the Verday and the ice resin as the most wanted products - you sell the best stuff!

    Lucy x

  4. These are stunning Moira :o) xx

  5. Such beautiful pieces of jewelery! I love 'em!


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