Monday 9 July 2012

Be Odd

Happy Monday!
I've been having a play with the new Summer Distress Colours. This is the background I made to begin with. I used a white paint dabber and one of the large foam stamps to add some contrast.
and this is what I made! A zettified pocketed tag holding an ATC.
 I cut out a large tag of the background and made a little pocket ~ big enough to fit an ATC inside. I've used a selection of Zetti stamps which you can find here

 Here's my Zetti ATC 

Hope this project has brightened up your day ~ it's rainy again here in Derby!
Mandy x


  1. I just saw this on Facebook, It is lovely, gorgeous colours. Carol x

  2. Excellent piece of work really very inspiring!I appreciate your creative work keep it up..

  3. Oooh I love this! Your work is so striking and original. I am very pleased to see this as I just bought the inks - i love vibrant colours and these look less earthy than the normal Distress palette,

    Lucy x

  4. Loving those fab colours. x

  5. Loving the tag/ATC combo and I love what you've done with the Summer Distress inks. Fantastic!


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