Thursday, 5 July 2012

Who wouldn't like to live under a mushroom?

This creation was inspired by the TV show 'The Cube', for those who haven't seen the show, to cut along story short contestants go into a huge glass cube and can win BIG money by basically throwing balls in buckets! Saying that there is some skill involved!
Can you spot Marci?

Here's a step by step:

1  Stamp required characters and foilage stamps on to shrink plastic, colour and shrink.

2  To start construction on the cube glue each piece of memory glass to the edge of the next using super glue,   the super glue sets really quick so act fast! Firstly make the bottom and three sides so that you have access to the inside of the cube.

3  Glue your scene in place, I glued the Cheesey Moon directly to the glass at the back but Great Moon would look well, great!. I used super glue again for speed and reinforced with some glossy accents. It's important to make sure they are well stuck because once the cube is complete there is no way in!

4  When happy with your scene add extra little details, I used microbeads of green and gold in pools of Glossy Accents but Bedazzles would look fab too. 

5  Now it's time to add the front and top piece of memory glass, again using super glue. This bit is really important go over all the edges with glossy accents to make the joints stronger, if you don't when you start dipping the edges in the molten embossing powder the super glue melts and your cube will fall apart. Believe me, it happened to me twice! 

6  Dip the edges of your cube in the molten embossing powder, this strengthens the cube further and looks like faux soldering. Please note the cube will never be a really strong constuction. (Mine has been sitting on top of the microwave for 7 months and is fine, just don't drop anything on it or drop it)

7  Add a curio knob on top and some hitch fasteners for feet. Enjoy.

I used:

The male character is called Head but any other male character from Stampotique in the Happy Daze range would be happy to be followed by Marci, I expect they are all fun-guys, get it? Funghi's. . . I've so enjoyed posting this I feel like making another, Stampotique stamps here I come!

Wishing you a very happy day, Sam xxx


  1. Awesome ! you have made such an appealing curio just love it :)
    Von ♥

  2. Brilliant! Refreshingly different

  3. gorgeous, so totally different and made me smile. :) Carol x

  4. Hehe this is so much fun!!! Wonderful work x

  5. Wow thats amazing!!! what a great use of memory glass!!
    Julie xx

  6. Loving your fabulous creation Sam. x

  7. oh my, I have to try!!Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. Thank you SO much for this tutorial... I love your rectangular cube on the Stampotique blog and just had to come and have a look to see if you'd explained how you make them. So glad you did! I can't believe that's embossing powder on the edges, what a brilliant idea! It totally looks like solder! :)


  9. Oh fun-guys - groan:) This is a great make and a super creation Sam love it
    Lynn x


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