Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Verday On Glass By Carol fox

I thought I would see how Verday Paints worked on a piece of glass. I had to mess around a bit to stop it from peeling off, but in the end I realised it needed a base like the clear Croco to enable it to grab onto the glass and stay there.

I used a Square memory glass and painted it with the base and when dry gave it a coat of the copper, once I had patined it with the solution I gave it a quick coat of glue and seal to stop the ink soaking when I stamped on it. I then ran a line of memory foil round the edges and soldered over this adding jump rings at the top and bottom as I went. I then realised I should have done this before I patined the glass, so I very carefully treated the solder with the paint and patina solution to give it the same finish as the glass.
The fairy charm was coated with copper verday and then spritzed with the Patina solution. The flowers are tiny metal ones, that I used the gold and rust paints on before adding the patina. I glued these all to the glass once I had stamped the word onto it.

The large metal flower at the bottom has been "Verdayed" , distress stickles have been added and I then hung it using a jump ring.

I also thought I would try  the Verday over the Croco crackle and as you can see from this photo it gives a nice effect. I will use this for something at a later date, I have no idea what yet.

Carol x


  1. I love this; the effect is amazing! Have you created a new verb 'to Verday'!

    Lucy x

  2. This is great... haven't had a go with Verday yet, but this makes it really tempting! Thanks for the information and inspiration.
    Alison x

  3. ooo love this Carol, it looks very vintage xx

  4. This is fabulous, I love it.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. Oh your are THE TEXTURE QUEEN and this is brilliant


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