Sunday, 15 July 2012

' Wish You Were Here ' and an update of Stick and Stickette by Annette Goatley

Miriam and Hannah went to the Seaside, they had such fun climbing over everything in sight, including these beach huts.  Luckily the owners were not about otherwise they would have been in big trouble.

This postcard is being sent to their best friend Louise saying ' Wish You Were Here '

Products usedAnilinky Vodove Barvy Watercolours (from HD)  Postcard.   Stamps by Scrolls Work . The Beach Huts are Paper Pieced.

 *********************** ***************************************************

Since last Sunday I have had a few emails asking if Stick and Stickette got Married......well they did on Thursday

Unfortunately the video doesn't work properly since Stick's brother Stuck messed it up.

'Two Sticks'  Rubber Stamp is by Stampotique

They didn't invite me to the Wedding (which I have to say quite miffed me off)  they wanted a photograph of themselves outside their new home.

Stick wanted to carry Stickette over the threshold, then realised he had'nt any arms.  Yep I could have drawn him some, but then remembered he had left me off the Guest List..........mmmmmmmm Revenge is

Looking forward to seeing your creations for the challenge this month.
Take care, hugs Annette x


  1. Congrats to Stick and Stickette, just love the story :o)
    Ace art as always Nettie,
    Hugs, Sam xx

  2. Tooo cute Netty, I adore the wedding photo, for the lack of invite I would have chopped his legs a bit, so he looked short next to stickette. Lovely beach hut scene too. Carol x

  3. Hahahahaaaa this has made me chuckle this morning :D
    Lovely work Netty and thanks for the smile :D
    Julie xx

  4. These are both fab. Love the naughty girls climbing on the beach huts. I think Stick could have carried her over the threshold in his teeth, afterall she must be very light. What will happen if she gets pregnant, will she topple over?

    Lucy x

  5. Truly fabulous and exciting, and vibrant and I LOVE THEM

  6. So happy for them! Also love the perspective games in clambering on the beach huts - lovely work all round!
    Alison x

  7. Great story, made me smile love the art work. The beach huts are fab inspite of being jumped on and sat on, love it.


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